Wholesale bullion providing

wholesale pricing to the public.

We assist investors into obtaining precious metals
goals without the massive markup.

Whole Sale Bullion offers a vast array of gold, silver, platinum, and palladium products.

Our business model allows us access to large quantities of bullion which in turn allows us to pass on the savings to the consummate investor.

We enable investors to purchase bullion they physically hold, as opposed to merely owning on paper. Since our founding, we have been the industry price leader and continue to exceed expectations through our weekly sales, fast shipping, and award-winning service.

Investing In Gold

Gold has always been the “go to” investment in times of uncertainty, and rarely has there ever been more uncertainty than now.

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Investing In Silver

Silver has long been called the “poor man’s gold” because throughout history silver has been used more as money than has gold. Another reason that silver trades at about 1/80th the price of gold is that it is much more abundant. By some estimates, sixteen times more silver has been mined than has gold.

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An exceptionally unique experience tailored to you

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Fast Turnaround

Our business model allows you rapid fulfillment of any size order of precious metals within a week of funding your account.


At Wholesale bullion security is our main concern; we keep your information private and secure. SSL and other security measures help protect your data from hackers and skimmers by turning all the data into an undecipherable format.

Fast & Free Shipping

All shipping of precious metals is sent overnight to your address fully insured for the total value of your order. All orders must be signed for at time of delivery by the account holder.

Customer Service

With years of experience and multiple five stars in customer service, we go out of our way to make your experience smooth and hassle-free.

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