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Experienced precious metals enthusiasts.

Whole Sale Bullion offers a vast array of gold, silver, platinum, and palladium products.

We are a group of experienced precious metals enthusiasts who after being in the precious metals industry and seeing the greed, scams and massive dishonesty in the precious metals industry decided enough was enough. In order to change the industry and prevent the honest investor from having a large portion of their wealth stolen from them from a slick talking broker we decided to start Wholesale Bullion. We are a private membership association that allows the public to get the lowest pricing in the industry. Thus allowing retiree’s to maintain their wealth in uncertain times and pass on their wealth without it being stolen via inflation or an unscrupulous precious metals company and a slick talking salesman.

In the FAQ you will find out about everything you want to know that way you can make an educated decision before moving forward.

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