Frequently Asked Questions

What makes you different from the rest of the industry?
Transparency in pricing and our business model is absolutely unique in the industry.

What do we do?
We have used our connections to allow us the ability to connect a precious metals wholesale to the public and pass on the savings to investors.

How does the wholesale bullion model work?
Unlike others in the industry, we offer a unique experience in being solely membership based. If you decide to move forward with us you would fill out an application with all of your information. Once we receive your information then you would receive directions via email on how to finalize your membership.

Why should I sign up for membership?
Transparency in pricing! Unlike others in the industry we tell you exactly how much you will pay over cost.

So how much over cost?
Flat 1%. Yes that right you will pay a flat 1 percent over cost from all precious metals we have access to.

That’s too good to be true!
No its simply the truth. Our goal is the be lower in cost than every single option in the industry including the biggest online retailers. We have literally price shopped every single massive online provider and now have access to metals at pricing lower than those companies.

Why would you do that?
Our goal is to assist people and prevent people who might not know any better from being exploited. We also are cheap and understand everyone is looking for the lowest prices possible so why not provide that?

What type of metals can I purchase?
We assist clients in purchasing gold, silver, platinum and palladium in strictly bullion bar and coin form. We do not provide access to numismatic ,semi-numismatic or collectible coins. If you read our about us and our scam section you will understand why we refrain and can not assist you if you are looking for those investments.

So if I decide to become a member how do I purchase precious metals?
Once you become a member you will be provided with a membership number and trade desk phone number. Trade desk is open from 9am to 5pm CST Monday through Friday. You can place an order at any time during that time. Our trader will also be able to tell you what bullion is in stock and pricing at that time. Please be advised that pricing can change on the minute due to the fluctuating spot price however as a member your cost will only be 1% above our cost at all times!

Can I sell you precious metals?
As long as you are a member in good standing and have previously purchased precious metals through us we can assist you. If you are a member and attempt to sell us precious metals that were not purchase through our provider this can result in the cancellation of your membership. If you have purchased precious metals through our provider but are no longer a member we can not guarantee buy back pricing.

How much will I get back for my precious metals?
Again we are transparent, buyback is 2% below wholesalers buy back for your precious metals, guaranteed.

Is there a minimum of how much I can purchase?
All purchases are a minimum of $50,000. At this time we can’t accept any purchases for our members below that amount.

Is there a minimum of how much I can sell back?
At this time the minimum to sell to us is $20,000.

I have a retirement account can you assist me in placing precious metals inside that account?
Yes we do assist those who would like to protect their retirement with precious metals. The minimums listed above apply for retirement account as well.

Are there taxes?
Some states charge taxes however those few that do are already factored into the cost. Federal taxes via capital gain only come into factor when selling. Precious metals provider can issue a 1099-b when selling your precious metals. Such examples of reportable items are

Reportable Item Minimum Fineness Minimum Reportable Amount
Gold Bars 0.995 Any size bars totaling 1 Kilo (32.15 troy oz) or more
Silver Bars 0.999 Any size bars totaling 1000 troy oz or more
Platinum Bars 0.995 Any size bars totaling 25 troy oz or more
Palladium Bars 0.9995 Any size bars totaling 100 troy oz or more
Gold 1 oz Krugerrand as minted Twenty-five (25) 1 oz coins
Gold 1 oz Maple Leaf as minted Twenty-five (25) 1 oz coins
Gold 1 oz Mexican Onza as minted Twenty-five (25) 1 oz coins
U.S. 90% Silver Coins as minted Any combination of dimes, quarters, or half-dollars totaling $1,000 face value or more

How do I fund an account?
As a member of all members purchasing precious metals for home delivery must fund their accounts via wire/ach. No exceptions. Wiring/ach instructions will be sent to you via email.

Can I become a member from anywhere?
Unfortunately, we can only assist those in the United States of America and membership is not open to residents of the state of New York.

When is the last day I can purchase precious metals?
All wires for precious metals orders must be received and cleared by the day before the expiration of your membership. Each financial institution will vary, so check with your institution.

Ok, sounds good so what are the details and cost of membership?
We offer membership arrangements that best suit your goals and budget.

  • For a three month membership your cost is $5000. Family plan is $6,000(covers original member and one other member of household address must be the same)
  • For a Year Membership your cost is $10,000. Family plan is $12,000(covers original member and one other member of household address must be the same)
  • Lifetime membership your cost is $50,000 valid till the day you die. Family plan is $60,000(covers original member and one other member of household address must be the same) Benefits of lifetime membership: if you pass on and have purchased precious metals through our provider buy back pricing will be honored for your beneficiary.

-Membership only applies to original signatory to membership. Does not include the whole household for individual plan members, family plan excluded.
-All precious metals purchases can only by funded by account member with specific account membership number.
-A refund of membership is only available until your first purchase of precious metals or fifteen calendar days from membership start, which ever comes first. Any refund must be requested by the fifteenth day from the receivel of your digital membership card via email and no purchase for precious metals must have occurred. Wiring/ACH instructions for your bank must be included in your email. Refund will be sent as total membership fee received minus any applicable wiring/ach fee’s.
– Your membership fee must be funded via ACH only and is subject to verification of identity.
– Your purchase of precious metals for home delivery must be funded via Wire or ACH only no exceptions.

Whoa that’s pricey!
This is why we are transparent about everything involving membership. If its not for you its not for you. However after seeing first hand the scams run within the precious metals industry we consider all those costs a bargain.

Scam #1: One of the major scams is the concept of selling proofs/numismatic coins or semi-numistmatic coins. Without getting in too deep, the industry is littered with former stock brokers who are highly literate in the financial markets and smooth salesman that talk unsuspecting retiree’s into purchasing these coins claiming that they have a “rarity” factor and they outperform bullion. They will even provide charts of performance. What they don’t tell you is their mark up from their cost ranges from 20% all the way to 60% above wholesale COST!!!!! Meaning when they talk someone into purchasing lets say $50,000 worth of a proof coin. The unsuspecting investor in reality is only getting in a case of a 20% mark up $40,000 worth of precious metals. The precious metals company pockets $10,000 of your money in one purchase!!! That is unacceptable!! Yet is is ubiquitous in this industry. This is the reason why we founded We have and never will allow access to those types of collectible coins on principal alone. On this along we feel we provide a transparent service to those who are looking into purchasing precious metals in the first place.

Scam #2: Brokers will attempt to convince people to purchase proofs/semi-numismatic coins in order to avoid tax reportability. However as you can see most bullion in coin form is not reportable however the broker will mince words to make the suspecting investor believe it is. This is to make sure the company maximizes profits against your investment.

Scam #3: Companies will advertise no buyback fee’s and depending on the company can be limited to 5% charge below wholesale buy back to purchase precious metals back from a customer.(This is usually company policy however many companies have no set rule.) However once a customer dies and the precious metals are passed on to a beneficiary many large companies no longer have an obligation to said customer and will up to 30% below buy back. Meaning your beneficary will receive 30% less than the actual value of the precious metals at that time. Allowing the company an broker to profit of your death.

These are just a few of the scams we have seen first hand and moved many of our members to exit said industry. However the scams haven’t stopped, and the only way they will stop is with transparency and a massive shift in the industry. This is why wholesalebullion was created. So even if you decide against membership with us I hope this section alone will help illuminate your view on this industry and guide you to company that won’t attempt to swindle your hard earned cash. However if you like our transparency, the ability to not have to negotiate for a great price, click the membership application below and get started with us.

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